Helpful Resources for Your Family

As we face uncertainties in this world, it’s important to remember where we Christians find our faith, hope, and strength—our Savior, Jesus Christ. This page shares several resources and devotions you can read and access to stay in God's Word. Enjoy!

Forward in Christ

Forward in Christ is the official magazine of the WELS synod. Find insightful articles written by pastors, staff ministers, and members of our congregations, along with updates on the synod and devotional materials. The magazine is produced each month both in print and online. Visit the Forward in Christ Website by clicking the button below. 

Daily Devotions Now Accompany Worship Theme

Every day, posts a daily devotion under its Serving You tab. These devotions are now designed to accompany worship. The Daily Devotions that follow each Sunday will dive deeper into the week’s theme and the three scripture readings, with the idea that what happens on Sunday is the “foundation” for the rest of the week.
To find these devotions and more, click the button below.

Taste of Missions 2023

Taste of Missions is a hybrid event that can be attended either in person or online. Online participants can watch all events via livestream, view additional video updates from missionaries, and try their hand at making one of the many ethnic recipes shared on the website!

Visit the Taste of Missions website for more info and to register, and find recipes and other fun, family-related activities under the Activities tab! Click button below!

Grace Talks Videos

Grace Talks are short video devotions that cover topics from prayer to marriage to questions about faith to fighting negative self-talk to suicide to so much more. The videos not only feature a variety of topics but also a variety of speakers, and each will show you that the temporary things of life don’t satisfy; Jesus does! You can subscribe to have these videos emailed to you daily or check them out by clicking the button below.

Memorizing Bible Verses with Kids

The Children's Worship Bulletins' team is always looking for ways to help parents and teachers share God's Word with children. A recent blog post shares tips on how to memorize Bible verses with your child. From fun games to techniques that will help your child commit verses to memory, you'll find seven ways to make learning and memorizing God's Word fun. Find details and free memory verse cards by clicking the button below!

Life Challenges Podcast

People today face many opportunities and struggles when it comes to issues of life and death, marriage and family, health and science. The Life Challenges podcast brings a fresh, biblical perspective to these issues and more. While respecting the authority of God’s Word, the podcast acknowledges that life is nuanced. Gaining that perspective can help Christians as they apply God’s Word in their own lives and as they interact with those who may not value God’s Word as the ultimate authority. Learn more about the podcast and how to listen by the button below.

Christian Family Solutions Self-Care Guide

Christian Family Solutions is a not-for-profit organization that offers counseling services that are grounded in the ministry of Jesus Christ. One of the many free resources they offer is a self-care guide designed to help you see the value in filling your cup first. Check out this free resource by clicking the button below!

Faith Care Packages

Northwestern Publishing House has created multiple Faith Care Packages that combine meaningful and engaging books and other materials specially chosen for a family's unique situation. These packages provide a thoughtful gift opportunity to encourage others. Visit NPH's website for more details by clicking the button below.  

30 Days of the Bible Reading Plan

This Bible study resource is a 30-day reading plan with helps on how to read the Bible and apply it to your family life.

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Women's Bible Studies

The opportunity to grow spiritually through Bible study is a tremendous blessing. Women’s Ministry has produced Christ-centered and scriptural Bible studies for use individually or in a group. Resources to help start a study group or evaluate Bible studies from other sources are also provided. These free resources are available for download on the women's Ministry resource center by clicking the button below. God’s blessings on your study of his Word!   

Family Devotions

Each devotion in this series has a reading, response, prayer, and questions that family members can discuss with one another. The questions are segmented into age groups, from younger children to elementary-age children to middle school children and beyond. Click the button below to access the devotions.

On My Heart Memory Work

On My Heart is a free memory work activity that parents can use with their children in the home to review lessons and concepts taught during Sunday School. Composed of four different sets, the resource covers the books of the Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, 60 Bible verses, and the main events of the Old and New Testament timelines.

Families are encouraged to use the resource during devotion time or as a way to help their children learn Bible basics and memorize scripture. For all the details and to download the free resources, click the button below!

Scripture Cards and Notecards

ChurchArt Pro has created Scripture cards that you can freely download and share with your fellow church members and community. They’ve provided twelve Scripture designs as single-sided cards and foldable notecards. The notecards are blank inside, so adding a personal message is easy. You’ll find ways to download the designs in PDF, Publisher, and Word file formats. Click the button below to access more!

Key Truths of the Bible

Many people have questions about Christianity; they wonder about what God says and does. Some of these questions you might have asked yourself. exists to help answer those questions. Its "Key Truths of the Bible" series explains the truths about baptism, faith, forgiveness, and more.

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